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This is the most important and impromptu question that people ask when you take a new initiative in any field. So,yes, why Sanskriti UK? There are umpteen numbers of bodies and organizations working for Indian culture.  

The answer is never so simple. What we, in Sanskriti UK felt was that the word ‘culture’ has a more serious and deeper meaning than what a majority of people think. When we  pay respect to mother earth, to the sacred cow, when we follow our elders without question, when we touch feet of our Gurus, when we do SHRADDH & TARPAN to our ancesters, all these acts and activities are manifestations of a thinking and tradition passed on to us through generations. But what is that thought process that makes us do all this. Sanskriti UK is here to try getting answers to these questions which are there in our Scriptures. 

The importance and urgency to keep our languages going is also quite relevant in these efforts. How could we possibly learn the ancient wisdom and rich heritage? Through translations and commentaries by others? This is now an established fact that nothing on this earth has put us to more dangers than these translations and commentaries. The core of all things religious, traditional and civilizional is almost always good and sacred enough to be followed in most situations but these commentaries often misuse and exploit people by inferring unintended meanings. 

There have, many a times, been instances of using religion and culture for political, sectional and personal gains. When you work with others, you have to follow their ideology and agenda. We wanted to work in an apolitical and free environment; at the same time putting  forth our views in right earnest.  That is why Sanskriti UK is here.