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The population of India is approximately 1020 million and some 20 million PIOs and NRIs are living in more than 80 counties world wide. There are 50 countries which have PIOs numbering more than 10, 000 each. It is no wonder that we closely follow China, another wonder of the ancient world, in population, emigrants, economy, civilization and growth.

They say that we Indians never change. May be. But why should one change, without proper reasons. Do not we change when we step out of India? We are the most obedient ones in western world. Punctual, courteous and diligent and hard workers. NRIs have earned a name for themselves wherever they are. Should not this be put in right perspective. Should not we assert our identity as a people advance in technology but still following our age old traditions. Traditions that are based on thousands of years of collected wisdom and documented by our sages. 

Now the time has come to put ourselves in a concerted way as a people having common roots and beliefs, common heritage and culture, common appearance and way of life. We change but not the extent that we lose our identity. We have work in cohesion with not only the country we live in but also with other Bharatvanshis living in other countries as our proglems are the same. Sanskriti UK would play its role in networking Indians all around the world.