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Spiritual Well Being

The planet is facing challenges in the form of epidemics, natural disasters, wars, crime and shrinking humanist values driven by negative energy and thought. Obvious! What to do to reverse this impacting trend? Another perplexing phenomenon is prevalent around- where we hear of sadness, struggle and conflict. Many think of seeking to increase individual resources- time, money or love; rather than thinking on the unit that include family, work and community. Is life for self, and not for one-ness. Life is about living and flourishing as a unit. Thus it is important that our thought stays focussed in a positive direction and counter-act the current negative mass consciousness causing disharmony and destruction to our planet.

No doubt that each person’s spirituality is greatly impacted by the community they are a part of and the relationship they take part in. Involving the people around as one’s perspective rather than subscribing to practice of isolation lead to spiritual well being. Spirituality and faith provide an opportunity to detach from circumstances and observe life with clarity and integrity.

Spirituality  and  religion

The term spirituality and religion are often used inter changeabilly; they also have their distinction. One may be spiritual without attending services or belonging to a particular religion, yet not have a connection with spirituality.

Well Being Benefits of Spirituality:

Experience earned by the benefactors reveal that Spiritual Well Being include

1)    Feel of contentment.

2)    Efforts in isolation to attain inner peace.

3)    Promptness to reflect and resolve life’s issues.

4)    Sense of satisfaction in a job appropriately done.

5)    Active in lifestyle rather than just a mimicking watcher to life as it passes.

6)    Strike balance and control of life.

7)    Build and nurture relationship

8)    Envisage meaning and purpose of life.

9)    Accept challenges to grow in the life.