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The IndusValley civilazation is considered to be 4500 years old. Other places of that period in Dhoulavir, Kaalibangan and Anhalwaad are also of the same period. IndusValley civilazation was an urban, repeat, urban civilazation. The urban layout there is considered to be as much organized as any city as on today, with extensive cross roads and streets, community bath, central services and food storage facilities.

As is very common knowledge that you need to have gathered hundreds of years of planning and executing these things to make them that much organized. So, it can safely be said that these historical places show us a developed society as could be inferred from our scriptures also. The possession and utilization of worldly things was not with the aims of exploiting the nature to the hilt but to keep it to the level that it is able to regenerate. Let us ponder over this vast pool of knowledge before mother earth crumbles, before global warming takes us to the Ice Age or the Pralay. It is not too late to shred our inhibition towards our heritage. We have to act before we forget ‘ BHOOLNE SE PAHLE.

The Charak Samhita and Sushrut Samhita give us an idea how developed the system of medicines, life sciences and surgery was. We are not trying to say that we should go back from the advanced research and use of Allopathic system of medicines as this is the reality of modern world but we should keep in mind that this is not without side effects and many a times not advisable at all. We should make use of the wisdom and hard work put in by our ancestors in these areas and make our life easy. For that we will have to revisit this knowledge that has been ignored and neglected by vested interests and we will have to do it BHOOLNE SE PAHLE.