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Hindi Language

A language of more than 520 million mother tongue speakers, Hindi is second only to Chinese. Hindi is the Official Language of India. Under the Indo-Aryan language family, Hindi is the most widely spoken language. Modern day Hindi traces its distinct identity in history between 600 BC and 1000 AD.

Indian Cultural Heritage


It is heartening to learn of the initiative taken by SANSKRITI UK.
Through such an initiative it would be possible to showcase the importance of Hindi in a non- Hindi speaking region.
Asoke Mukherji
Deputy High Commissioner
The High Commission of India

Hum indians

They say that we Indians never change. May be. But why should one change, without proper reasons. Do not we change when we step out of India? We are the most obedient ones in western world. Punctual, courteous and diligent and hard workers. NRIs have earned a name for themselves wherever they are.

Bhoolne Se Pahle

The Indus Valley civilazation is considered to be 4500 years old. Other places of that period in Dhoulavir, Kaalibangan and Anhalwaad are also of the same period. Indus Valley civilazation was an urban, repeat, urban civilazation. The urban layout there is considered to be as much organized ..


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We invite the submission of articles to be posted on website / our publications on Hindi Learning, Yog & Ayurveda, Health & Spirituality, Cultural Tourism and Poems from budding Poets on Current Topics.
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Indic Language Support

Microsoft Indic Language Input Tool helps you enter Indian language text easily into any application in Microsoft Windows or on any page on the Web. The primary input mechanism is transliteration.